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Mon, 12 Sep 2005
New and Upcoming Projects of Justin Bihag A.K.A. the Former Nephew On Dog the Bounty Hunter Show

Well, Welcome to the site everyone in the World has been waiting for! This Is the official site of ME, Justin formerly of the show the Dog the Bounty Hunter on A&E! Though I am no longer on the show, I have alot of upcoming projects as well as trying to get in the music and movie industry! Please, bare with me for I have just come up with this site so my webmaster will be putting things up in here as soon as he can! To all the fans, I love you all, because without you guys there would be no me. God Bless You All and feel free to ask questions, leave emails, talk to me or just chat with Me! Aloha Bra! Justin Bihag
Posted 18:45


Looking forward
Hey, just want to say looking forward to working with you on the film.

Good luck, Justin
Posted by Black Mamba

Is this the REAL Justin Bihag?
Hi, I came across this website from a Yahoo Group about Justin. I saw some posts on there that were supposedly from "Justin Bihag". I'm not on here all the time, but I did read a couple posts on the group that made me want to question them. If this really isn't Justin then you are pathetic to lie to people and think it's alright. Why pretend to be someone you're not? I just didn't think Justin would spend his time in a yahoo group, especially since he has little time. He seems to be busy with work and all. On the other hand, If it really is Justin who posted msg's and who is behind this website, then I wish you all the luck in your future projects. I just had to say that if someone is pretending to be Justin, he or she is pathetic.
Posted by Liz

Good Luck Justin:)
Justin, you are such a talented young man. I am lucky to have met you. Thank you for the happiness you have brought into my life. I wish you continued success in everything you wish for and are GOING to accomplish. I am behind you 110%. You have the heart, the ability and the determination to accomplish anything you want in this life. Go for it and don't look back! I Love You!
Posted by Sarah

great site justin. I am one fan that has been behind you from seening you on the show. And hasn't stop being a fan. And of course a fan of your brother too. lol
Posted by linda

The bounty hunter
Why are you not in the show eny more? do you have any links so I can download some of the new episods? I'm from Norway and they don't send it here any more. I tink you are very cool. are you still frends whit duan? Do you like beth? I tink she is a bitch and stupid! I hope you can respond to my mail. from karen
Posted by Karen

This is SOOOOO FAKE. i should go type up a bradpitt.zoomshare.com and shee what people will come talk to me.COME on justin wouldnt be using a freeware page
Posted by xanadu

Justin, you little punk!!! Whats up bra'da!!! How are things? Where the fu!& have you been! Hit me back and CALL MY CELL!!! 530-391-3033 and write me on yahoo... try_again_newb later man, and you better get back to me soon or else im going to go to you and kick your ass!!! Hit me BACK!!! Ur Bro...
Posted by Alex

I have some pictures from on the show if you w ould like so they could be added to the page.
Posted by Dj

hello justin
Justin you RE MUCH BETTER THEN THE WWE CHAMP JOHN Cena the pro wrestler champ i saw you on the dvd I like you samoan style tatto
Posted by laura

hope this is justins site
hi, i hope this is your site justin as i have been a huge fan of you since i saw you on your uncles show, id love to meet you in person one day as i have nothing but respect for the talent you have and the faith you have,follow and use. if there is anything i can do to get to meet you or speak to you then please let me know. keep up the superp work bra and if there is anything i can do let me know im a 21 male from the united kingdom
Posted by daniel

hey justin!
i wish you would go visit dog and the family and do just one or two more shows, you know if you just go visit them they will be more then happy to put you to work!! best wishes!
Posted by Laura

you and Leland
Hi JUSTIN I THINK YOU AND LELAND ARE THE BEST LOOKING GUYS ON THE SHOW AND WELL I KNOW HOW TO CHAT AND EMAIL YOU HOW CAN I RELAY THE SAME MESSAGE TO Leland?? everyone seems to think they know him but no one has the real way to get ahold of him to prove they really know him!! can you please help me considering your the real deal?? thank you so much justin keep being you youre a hottie! BREEZY
Posted by breezy

Good Luck Justin!
Hi Justin, I Just wanted to wish you luck in whatever it is you want to do, I loved in DTHB and am sorry you left but I am glad you are persuing other things that you what to do. I hope you make it all the way and don'6t let anybody get you down.
Posted by Ashley

Thanks so much for all your inspiration to me.... I am glad I got the chance to know you from the DTBH show. Please e-mail me back sometime...
Posted by Liz K

xanadu, just wanted to let ya know, I know that is really Justin posting. Just because he was on a tv show means he cant have a free site? Hey Justin....... haven't seen u kids in awhile~ Stop by sometime~~~~~~ P.S. Hi Sarah :]
Posted by jenn

Whats up???
Well its about time....lol..Y dont you come back to the group?? we miss you there...our chat nights..or when you would just pop in and say whaddupp?? hit me up on messinger hurleychx420 or did you forget about me alreadylol...=^..^= hit me up so we cant chat...yer a cool cat and miss our conversations....lata...and congrats on the cd and stuff...
Posted by chasity

Hey man, I was just wondering why you left the show? I love the show, Everyone on the show is cool. I think duane lee is funny, leland seems to have a good heart. Dog is tough, yet considerate, Tim is always good at the job, hes like the one gettin to the crimmals first alot of times, And Beth, What can i say? Shes Smart, caring, great mother and Of course, Shes hot....lol Can u email me back?
Posted by Jerome

okay, yeah I love the show and stuff just wanted to say congrats on your cd hit me up email me somtime I have some questions for you!
Posted by amy

Second Greatest Bounty hunter
I think you were one of THE BEST BOUNTY HUNTERS on the show, other than Dog. I liked the way you caught Solomon Fuller and Lincoln Allo. I recorded both episodes. Why do so many people some or sell ice any way? Best of luck in the future!

Second Greatest Bounty hunter
I think you were one of THE BEST BOUNTY HUNTERS on the show, other than Dog. I liked the way you caught Solomon Fuller and Lincoln Allo. I recorded both episodes. Why do so many people somke or sell ice any way? Best of luck in the future!

Second Greatest Bounty hunter
I think you were one of THE BEST BOUNTY HUNTERS on the show, other than Dog. I liked the way you caught Solomon Fuller and Lincoln Allo. I recorded both episodes. Why do so many people smoke or sell ice any way? Best of luck in the future!

Why did you leave the show?
Just curious why you left the show
Posted by Todd

yo justin
hiya i really hope this is justins site but i doubt it but any i love you loads justin i think your sooo fit. you and leland are the fittest bounty hunters ever. why did you leave? oh yeh even if you make a rap cd i wont get to hear it because i doubt it will come over to here MANCHESTER UK. why isnt there any pics of you please will some one send me some! check out www.dog-the-bounty-hunter.piczo.com me and ma mate did it! ano sad love you loads justin your biggest fan in the uk !!! p.s hope you have a great life xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by sofie

justin is soooo sexy
me agen JUSTIN YOUR SOOOOOOOO SEXY :D sorry i sound like a crazy stalker But im not i just think justin is sooooo sexy and i hope he has a great life love you loads xoxoxoxoxoxox
Posted by sofie

Can you confirm whether Leland is dating Marisa Miller or getting engaged or is this just a rumour?
Posted by Jillstew

Jillstew Its just a RUMOUR.
Posted by Linda

Jillstew Its just a Rumor
Posted by Linda

hey justin
hi justin! i just wanted to say that you are a very good bounty hunter and so is DOG. it is because of DOG and everyone on the show that i am going to become a boutny hunter. i know that i wont ever be as great as DOG or anyone on the show but i will try my best to do great things. god bless you and your uncle. hope things work out as planed for you. i know you are probably really busy but if you could write me back and maybe give me some tips that will be great bye

It would be so great to be a bounty hunter i would love to be one i doubt i would become one but i would really like to become one and its all becuase of justin and the crew. THANKS!! Best of luck in the future!!! DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY PICS OF JUSTIN !!! if you do please could you send me me some please!! Linda how do you know that its a rumour about leland and marisa miller! (im just wondering) 
Posted by sofie

its been all over the net. Someone made it up in one of the dog hate groups.
Posted by Linda

good luck
hey thought i would say hello, cause i miss seeing you on the show. if you mind me asking why did you leave anyway cause you and leland are so hot.

Are you there?
Ok, if this is really you, why haven't you answered? Did Bethy really piss you off or what? So are you modeling, playing basketball, or going to star in a movie? Where are all of your pictures posted?
Posted by Missouri

Yes this is his site
What is with the haters? For real? Yes this is his site, how do I know that because I helped him set it up. How do I know about the movie stuff well gee let's see because I wrote the script. His pictures will be up as soon as I get a minute to do. I have a company that I am running as well as being a single mother, working full time and going to school part time. Pardon me for not moving fast enough for you.

i really miss u on the show why did u leave? and wut have u been up 2 and i think that u need lots of photos of u cuz u r so hott
Posted by monica

justin you are so cool but were do you live I like your shom
Posted by jenny

Missouri , From an A&E brass has said that justin left the show to take care of some unfinished family business.
Posted by Linda

to Missour and to Monica From an A&E brass has said that justin left the show to take care of some unfinished family business.
Posted by Linda

to Missour and to Monica ..... From an A&E brass has said that justin left the show to take care of some unfinished family business.
Posted by Linda

Hey you
Hey give me a call, have some ideas to share with you. 347 624 8059. Your homeslice, Alliey

I think you should get your CD Out I would like to hear it!

y wood ya give out ur fone number out on the internet Allison Osborne Norman? silly silly silly!
Posted by ur silly

Thing i dont get y would u need to give him ur number if u help him with setting up this site n are helping him with a movie or whatever shouldnt he have ur number already or u at least have his if u ask me i think this is just someone pretending to be justin.
Posted by Emma

Your Hotttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by KAtlynn

Don't presume to know me
hummm let's see. Maybe because it's my business,how about that, or maybe because if I don't recognize the number I don't answer it anyway, or maybe you should just mund your own business.

ok gosh i was just give u some advice ! no need to get all cranky ! :-P
Posted by :-P

but still y wood u give out ur number to everyone out there on the internet
Posted by wateva

Why do you care? MYOB please.

lol very grumpy u r but it is abit strange thing is ppl r aloud there opinion but how would justin feel about u getting all pissed off at his fans thats about dodgy. Becuz i dnt think he would be the kind to want someone in charge of his site to disrespect his fans considering were the ones who could b buying his cds n stuff.
Posted by FAKE SITE

Don't know if this is really Justin
I'm not sure if this is really Justin? My girlfriend had e-mailed him asking him a certian question and no reply he seems to have Disappeared just about then Dean
Posted by Dean

omg omg omg i sooo wish i lived in new york right now! tht is soooo unfair!!!!! wat bout ur #1 fan bra! wat bout me! i wish i could listen to u on da radio show n i wish i cood get ur autograph n all dat stuff! tht is soooo nt fair!
Posted by jess

Hey Jess This is cat i added u on myspace if u could add me so i can send u a msg about something i think u may want thanks bye
Posted by cat

yeh i did thanx for the add!!!
Posted by jess

Hey Justin!! You rock!!! W/E it is your planning on doing...music...movies...modeling..or bounty hunting...WHERE BEHIND YALL 100% OK?? just make sure to tell us what movies your staring in...so we can be the first ones to buy them! lol c ya!
Posted by Ash

God Bless and good luck Justin
I just want to say Good luck in all that you do. I have become a big fan of Dog the bounty hunter. It was nice to see such a friendly and helpful person that was not a brother or son to Dog although I love that it is a family bussiness. Like one of the previous people said you and Leland are my favorites and i do like Beth unlike the other person. Well enough of my ramblings God Bless and Good Luck in all you do.
Posted by Brittany

Koolio dude
Hey r u ever going to be on DH again.You were awsome man seriously.Now I want to be Hunter to. LOVE YOU LOTS
Posted by Ashlin

Hey Justin
Hey do you have any pictures that i can have of you?? Your soo hott... i love you! write back PLEASE!
Posted by Bridget

what's up?
if this is justin's e-mail.best of luck and god bless you.remember whenever the stress of fame start to show,just remember the sound of the waves on a beautiful sandy beach and exhale.god will always be right there to help you up or just to listen when you need him.yours truely,waterchild
Posted by waterchild

You were great on Dog, we are all sad you left.
Posted by Natalie

Posted by Linda

Hey, Man your awsome bra.. You should stay on (DTBH).. Your a awsome bounty hunter
Posted by Shyanne

Food For Thought
For those that don't believe that this is Justins site you have to realize the legal issues that would come with some one pretending to be Justin. I am sure that Justin has an Agent an a lawyer. And I am sure he would have had this site taken down along time ago free or not. And I am also sure that who ever registerd this site would be sued for pretending to be some one that they are not. Given that Justin is out on his own and wanting to save money there is no reason for him to NOT want to use a free site. People get busted all the time for claiming to be some one there not.
Posted by Matt

I love u justin!
OMG! ur like my kindred spirit, we think alot alike & I totally agree with you on alot of stuff!
Posted by Shanti

Gotta light?
Justin, If I catch you smokin' in that car again, little boy, you will REALLY be crying next time. Please call me 867-5309. Jenny
Posted by Jenny

I got a poopoo diaper, Justin, please change me!!
Posted by jenny

Where u Been??
Just a quick shout out and to ask u why we dont c u on da show anymore? Sorry 2 b so Niele. holla back wheneva...malapono ame kea koa pu!Jcox
Posted by Jenna

HI my name is Rayna and I just wanted to say hi and I watch the show all the time and that you are really cute
Posted by Rayna Mart

18th Birthday coming up soon.
Hey Justin its Shanti, I talked toWesley a couple weeks ago,& I was wondering if you were going to come to my 18th birthday party on July 25th. call me for directions & times! my cell is (760)855-3384, luv ya brah! Aloha & Don't forget to call & HAPPY B-DAY FROM FEBRUARY 2!
Posted by Shanti

wowow this site hasnt been up dated in a while
need nu news
Posted by jess

Aloha and Howdy,Justin.
Aloha Bro Justin Bihag and Howdy from Texas..My name is Rita...Just wanted to say it was sad to see you leave Dog The Bounty Hunter show,but hey I know that you will come back,but I know that family comes first which I give you koodo's for. Keep doing a good job and know that you are being missed terribly here,always in our hearts and hope to see you back on the air real soon. We miss you Justin... Always your Texas fans
Posted by Rita

bull shit ur cd is cumin out in janurary coz it is now march n there isnt even any sign on da internet about ur cd even comin out soon it is really pissin me off.

yeh sorri bout tht lst comment i was just a bit pissed off coz australia is like the last to get anything n i couldnt find any info bout ur cd thn i found out tht it is already out in america in sum places! so yeh i am sorry

Posted by vicotria

Posted by victoria

2 questions for you
Do you think you will ever go back on the show with your uncle? And are u really single?
Posted by sara

Why did you leave the show?
Posted by zuzu

HEY MAN , I MISS YA , CALL ME !!! 518-664-0834 or 518-496-8736 !!

18th Birthday coming up soon.
Hey Justin its Shanti, I talked toWesley a couple weeks ago,& I was wondering if you were going to come to my 18th birthday party on July 25th. call me for directions & times! my cell is (760)855-3384, luv ya brah! Aloha & Don't forget to call & HAPPY B-DAY FROM FEBRUARY 22nd!!!! 

One word!
UPDATE!. I mean it's only been 6 months since you started the site, and yet you have nothing up yet. I mean in the last 2 hours I've been online, I've managed to get more photos of you, then on this site. I know that sounds stalkerish, but believe me, as cute as you're baby blues are. I hate to say it, but you're an actor/singer/ whatever kind of artist this week. Good Luck in any future endavours (I really do mean this sincerely)
Posted by Jodee

Remember me?
Justin, looonnng time no see! It's Jenn (Asian Jenn) from Albany/ Nick's Sneaky Pete's club? Your room in Saratoga? Whatever happened to you? I watched Dog for awhile to see you and how you were doing. If you email me back on my personal email, maybe we can chat and catch up sometime?
Posted by Jenn

awww your so cute
hey i was just wondering if you could email me so i know that it is you and everything i love you on bounty hunter, you and leland are so cute, i want to come and meet you thats how much i like you, any ways, could you please email me as my email is above thanks loads love Alexa xxxxxxxxx
Posted by Alexandra

awww your so cute
hey i was just wondering if you could email me so i know that it is you and everything i love you on bounty hunter, you and leland are so cute, i want to come and meet you thats how much i like you, any ways, could you please email me as my email is above thanks loads love Alexa xxxxxxxxx
Posted by Alexandra

u r sooo fit
hiya justin i love u n u r soo fit and also leland is sooo fit, plz keep my email address and email me luv ya baby bye bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by alishia

hey Justin,well best of luck to ya doing career in movies/music! i'd like to ask u many many questions,(and one of them probably would be:im spending holidays in hawaii in the end of april,so just wondering is there any chance to meet you/leland/or dog himself?)so send me an email if have some free time time. i'll b waiting for your answer;) take care x
Posted by Tanique

OMG you are hott! I was watching Dog on A&E and I seen you and I was like oh my lord who is that....well i have just now found this site and i decided to leave a little comment even though you will probably never ever write back or whatever it is you do on a blog but oh well just wanted to let you know that you have a fan out here and I love the show even though you arent on it hardly I still watch....well email me sometime....la_softball_princess_08@hotmail.com or crystalg112001@yahoo.com

Hey Justin! You are Awesome!!
Hey Justin This is your BIGGEST FAN Chloe!!! When I first saw you on DTBH I thought you were so Funny and really awesome!! (not to mention cute!) LOL Well I just wanted to let you know I have been looking for a fan site of yours, but I havn't been able to find one! I am EXTATIC that I found your site, and I will always be your biggest fan and still watch all of the DTBH episodes EVEN THOUGH YOUR NOT ON THE SHOW ANYMORE! :( :( :( So good luck in all you do and I'm looking forward to seeing your future projects! CAN"T WAIT!! :D Xoxoxoxoxoxox Chloe.S Your biggest fan!!!!!! (pleeeeeeze email me!!!) clover_2498@hotmail.com
Posted by Chloe

~fallow your dreams!!~
hey justin how r u??well i really enjoy watching your uncles show DTBH but just to let you know that we really miss u being on it!!! =)..but i heard that you want to pursue your dreams?well I say u should go for it!!!well hope to see you again on DTBH!!!lots of luv!!! ur fan...!! * Required Fields  
Posted by angela

Good Luck!
Hey dude, just wanted to say good luck with whatever it is you decide to do! Definitely thought you were the coolest out of "Dogs Crew", and can't wait to see wht you do in the future. Actually, i read somewhere your in New York recording a rap album-is this true, i don't believe everything i read, and judging by some of the sh*t that goes round, thats probably best! Well, if ya are, good luck, if ya not, shame- i've heard you rap, your good. So yeh....sorry its such a long comment, just wanted to let you know that there's still people out there rootin' for ya! Peace x
Posted by Jess

Hey justin Sup? i am a fan of the show. tmb if you would like Brit
Posted by Brittany

i think i got the e-mail address wrong in the other one.Hehe
Posted by Brittany

Waz Up!
Justin, i loved it when you were on dog. i watch that show like every tuesday. you are so cute. i still wish you were on the show. it would make it so much better. you and leland are my favorite two out of everybody!!!! much love, and stay safe.

OMG ur so hooottt!!!
justin, i luv u. u r soooooo cccuuuuttteeee!!!!!i luv u ssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooo muuuuuuuuccccccchhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Always follow ur Dreams
Hey Justin,Good luck in ur New Career in Movies/Music. I just thought i'd leave A message even though u Probabily won't ever write bak .Anyway just thought I'd let u no that you dat u have fans. Well Email me so we can chat sometimes.(soz if i sound like a stalker) u are my hero.
Posted by Surfer chix

Always follow your dreams
Soz i forgot to put my email adrress in it's GIRLYPAINTS@yahoo.co.uk
Posted by Surfer Chix

my mum loves you
hi justin i have been trying to find a way of getting in touch with you to let you know me and my mum love you and we always watch the show whenever we can especially if we know you are in it!! my mum has asked if she could have a signed photo please!! i would love to hear from you kerryanne xxxxx (and my mum).

Wazz up!
Hey you are so cute gute guy. Hey I was just wondering if you would want to just say this message to lelan that he is so cute. So I may leave for now and may god bless you and him and you family. adios . Aloha to you all.
Posted by Rochelle

want photos
I really liked you on the show with DOG. BUT I REALLY WANT TO SEE PHOTOS OF YOU. Please post some soon!!!!?
Posted by topdawg

Good luck
Hey, Saw u on Bouty hunter a few times, fought u were kewl, n e ways good luck for the future
Posted by Andy

Hey Baby
Hey Justin good luck and why did you leave Dog and his Posse I know that even thought your family it was still nice to see you on tv.(haha) but anyway tell everyone hi and hope to talk to you soon! ur sooo hott Love Leland's Girl

why are you not on the shoe?
Posted by Brittany

Where did you go?
What happened to you on Dog the Bounty hunter. I started a new job recently so I do be racing home to see Dog because of this I missed a few episodes and then you were gone. Please tell me what happened and if you will be going back after all thats what Dog preaches about so much is family and forgiveness.
Posted by Sharon

Hi Justin, i would like to know why you left dog the bounty hunter tv series because i thourght you were the fittest guy on there.
Posted by Katie

Are you really justin or are you some random imposter randomley tryin to be some one your not???:)
Posted by Gracie

y peice of white chocolate rubarb pie
dude like yer hot. can i borrow a dollar?
Posted by jilldoe

hey allison osborn norman
its "mind" not "mund" dont worry thoue ill give you a call since i got yer # and all - HAHEHOHEHAHAHO DIDNT YER MAMMA EVER TEACH YOU NOT TO GIVE YER INFO OUT ON THE INTERNET??? w/love -jilldoe
Posted by jilldoe

can i have a bite of yer samwich?-please
jingle bells jingle bells yer tuna smells it looks like rottin eggs. tuna boat forgot to float and cheesecakes really good,hey. do you have blue balls? i do even thoue im a girl. oh well rock out with yer out!! thank you and good night!!!!eggs  
Posted by jilldoe

did you know
did you know blue balls aint really an medical term??? God Bless. oh and allison i still have yer phone #.w/love jilldoe
Posted by jilldoe

hey good looking
hi my name is Tara, i am a very big fan of yours and hope to meet u one day because you are very good looking, and if u have time would it be possible for you to reply to my e~mail address, thanks alot your very big fan tara
Posted by Tara

i love you justin!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Jazzy

mow,mow,mow,mow..mow,mow,mow,mow....mow,mow,mow,mow,mow,MOW, mow,mow,mow..mow,mow,MOW i godda poo a cern nugget, can i borrow some paper???
Posted by jilldoe

You Suck
And I think you know why....

wat up
r u gonna try and get back on Dog's tv show. i have a huge crush on u and leland. don't u wanna have another chance on the show. well, ur ight.
Posted by michelle

Hiya Justin
Hi my names Grace it probley says it some were but anyway I would love to ask you some questions about your career in like acting beacuse I too am trying to break into the industry. Please email me. My e-mail: halfpint946@hotmail.com I would love to chat with you love Graciexxxx
Posted by Gracie

just wanted to say hi and ask you if you left because you burnt beth seat or did you leave so you could be with your wife and baby and one more thing i think you and the dog is realy hot tell him i said hi i and i liked when you bet the boy ass
Posted by lisa

good luck
Hi sweetie. Have seen you in the first series of Dog. I live in England so we are a bit behind with the episodes. Wasn't sure where you went, but I am glad that you are ok and doing well. Decided the bounty business not for you? I wish you all the luck in the world with all your future projects. Have missed seeing you. Good luck darlin, and will look out for you. vaya con dios Thirza
Posted by thirza

I Love You
I have to admit I was crushed when you left Dog...but I guess it's ok if I still get to see you doing other amazing things =D. ♥justine
Posted by Justine

You are sooo SEXY!!!
Justin, I watch the show every time it is on and I absolutely love the ones that have you in them. I hope you go back on the show soon.
Posted by Larissa

hey what's up my name is alicia..I am from maine..I love the show..and cannot wait to see what your new projects are..
Posted by alica

justin you are soooo hot and gorgeous talking to you or emailing would seriously make my day n life your such a hottie watch you evry day on tv n ow my god your just so hotttt!!!1 email me soon x x x x love you x x xmel
Posted by melissa

Hey justin i just want to say why did you leave the show.By the way i think you and Leland are HOT!!!by the way whats your fan address??i think you and Leland are HOT!!well bye.love ya!! p.s.come back on the show

Just Saying Hello!
Dear Justin: Just wanted to say hi! and to let you know that I wish you the VERY BEST in whatever you do. I will be eagerly following your endeavours. "Fan" sounds stupid - "Supporter" sounds better. You have a "Supporter" in me. Best Wishes and GOD Bless - Always. Sincerely, Tony

If this is the really Justin then cool. Good luck in whatever you do. I was suprised when I found out that you were no longer on the show. You were one of my favortie people on the show. Anyways good luck and hope to see what you do next.
Posted by Angela

good luck
hey justin it me again i wanted to say good luck on your projects.and do you still of a picture of the first guy you captured??i think you are soooo HOT!!!!and i think Leland is HOT too!!!! and plz tell me your fan address because i would like to write to you.aloha bra.
Posted by Leonora

thats me Leonora

I'm currently watching the episode of dog when you have your first case (my sister wathes it because of Leland.) Well I watch it mostly because of you. (but we both love the trill of the bounty hunting) I'm happy about your new career path and I wish you well.
Posted by morgan

Hey Justin:).
Heyy Justin, i am like one of your biggest fans ever, you are the reason why i watched Dog The Bounty Hunter, but now that you aint gonna be on there, there is no reason to really watch it:s. i think you are real hott:$. well thats about all i have to say,& good luck with your project music/movies:):D
Posted by Myomi

Have you quit lying to your fans? Are you still stringing them along? Justin's middle name is LIAR!

?????? WHERE YA BEEN AT ???????
People say, you're rappin, people say you're modeling.... So what's up Lil Dawg. Hit me up with some Info Bra........ It was cool when you first captured SOLOMON.....
Posted by Tony

caught my eye
every since i started watching the bounty hunter you and your family are so inspiring,i also kinda of admire your family,because my family is nothing like that i would love to have a family like that but anyways justed wanted to show love and respect and hope everything goes well in your future life,with your busy schedule squeeze time into going on yahoo. msorginal@yahoo.com or igoeighteendummie@hotmail.com
Posted by alize

he is so sexy!!!
Posted by hottie

hey kidd. good luck with the music career. what type of music are you making/producing or whatever.... 
Posted by Molly

Hey Justin I have just been wondering what you have been up too? I will be in Hawaii next month & would love to meet the family. Do you think tha would ever be possible.
Posted by Betsy

well just wanted to say that i absolutely love ya :] and good luck on this new site u have
Posted by vanessa

Justin you seem like such a great guy and was why did you want to bounty hunt in the first place.
Posted by Brittany

Justin I Love You and you are cute
Hi Justin I am a fan of dog the bounty hunter and of you too well I just want to say hi and I will pray for you and your family and good luck with your future projets well bye

Good Luck...
Good luck on everything that you are persuing. Hope to see you on many other projects. Your face is too good to not be seen on t.v., or in person for that matter.. Again, good luck on everything. Much love and respect, Faye
Posted by Faye

Iím glad to see that you have a sight, I really miss seeing you on the show! No matter what you decide to do in your career I will support you all the way. But one thing you should try if you havenít already is modeling you would be perfect for it! Much love, Tempe
Posted by Tempe

Iím glad to see that you have a sight, I really miss seeing you on the show! No matter what you decide to do in your career I will support you all the way. But one thing you should try if you havenít already is modeling you would be perfect for it! Much love, Tempe
Posted by Tempe

Yay, good for you Justin. I love you! Oh yeah and the one episod where you came bak for that one day....nice job Aloha
Posted by Sammie

Hey justin i love you to death;)Althought i am younger than you i was wonderin now dont take any offense by this but DO YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND???? Thats All I LOVE YOU:8
Posted by Mary

yo dog whts up
Hey i luv that u wanna do wht u wanna do plus u dont care wht people think of u.So wht do u plan to do? Plz e-mail me back!! luv Hanna
Posted by Hanna

Hey Justin, i loved watching you on dog the bounty hunter and you are real fine!!!luv ya xxx
Posted by els

Hey just 2 ley ya no, me n ma mates fink u n leland r well fit! we cnt find ur fan mail e- mail addie so can u plz send it 2 us!luv ya xxx

hey cutie
hey well my name is cinthia i lived in wasco california and im stoping by to tell u that ur really hot and that keep up the good work. wish u the best in life
Posted by cinthia

Posted by fealisha

i love u..... u r so god damn hot. i think u should still be on dog just so people can watch u. u were a good bounty hunter.... how old r u? just curiosity
Posted by brittany

I agree with the people that think this site is fake cas if Justin was going to set up a site surely heíd have something like JustinBihag.com not some free website!?!? And also if u go on the picture page and hold your mouse over the picture the file that has been uploaded is called breezy which coincidentally happens to be a name of a fan! Im sure Justin has better pictures of him self and this so called person who helped him with the website leaving a number on the internet! FAKE! You would have each others numbers stored in your phones so I donít know what your talking about! JUSTIN YOUR GREAT LOL
Posted by Amt

Hey folks, what can we do to get Beth off the show? She got Justin fired fOR b/s and she is the one that takes away from the show...she is ugly and looks like a corner hooker and stupid...BAN BETH!
Posted by BransonMO

ok so if dis is really justin bihag how come ya aint speakin ?? this is a load of crap cuz peeps am just writin thinkin dey am chattin 2 justin wen no one is chattin to dem this is stupid!!!

Love u
Hi Justin! my name is Misha i am 19 years old and i live in Norway.I really enjoyd to see you in the show:)you are the best,and i am so crazy about you.I think that you should be a actor,you are soooooooooooooooooo fucking cute and sexy:)e- mail me (hot_vanessa19@hotmail.com)don`t make me wait:)
Posted by Misha

oh yeah by the way i knows ya have a gurl!!! cause i met her. she is very nice an ya should take very good care of her. she is very much in love with ya.good luck on everything in life, an wha ya family does an expecially with the new lil'. ya knows wha i means. get your cd out man it will be off the chain. god bless an have fun
Posted by connie

oh my bad she cut my hair if ya are wonderin how i met her. she is very nice though. have fun!!!
Posted by connie

Since I don't see Mr. Liar giving them to you here they are. He's not on the show because he blew it back in season one. That's right..HE blew it as much as he wants to blame it on Beth. He wasn't mature enough to take responsibility for his actions. Then he blew it in NY. He promised a CD and pictures autographed and movie deals....BULLSHIT AND LIES. PLUS wrapped up some legal issues too. Really no better than the fugitives Dog chases down. Well maybe not that bad, but atleast Dog and Leland's fugitives will own up to fucking up. Not this guy. Now he comes back with the same ole story of how he's got music in the works and soooooo many projects in the works. Don't hold your breath people. He fucked the Chapmans a second time too. He will deny it, he will make up all kinds of excuses...but did any of you EVER get that autographed picture the liar promised you back when he was in NY? Hmmm? He follows through on nothing. OH..by the way..ALEX you are by far the better brother! Given the chance, he'll screw you over too.

love you justin!!!!!!
i just love you so much. you are the hottest one on the show!!!! i love your work, and hope to be a bounty hunter to. i would love to talk to you!!!!!! you can call me allie LOVE YOU!!!!!!
Posted by Allison

maybe this isn't justins real website,maybe it is.but all i know is that justin is so sexy and given the chance,i'd look after him. i'd be so proud if i was his girl. it's mad thinking you're in love with someone you don't know. i'm going to find him one day,and when i do,i'll show you all that he is the best thing EVER!! if this is you justin,please proove it.e-mail me... barbarahorsfall@hotmail.com. love you so much.xxx
Posted by becka

It's him
It's definately him. And what would be the difference if he emailed you or said it was him here.. He's a liar in either spot...aren't ya Justin?

yeah you're right,i thought about that after i posted it. thanks for that,yoy bought me back to reality!!!
Posted by becka

Re: True
It's ok...If he was a real man, he would apologize to his fans for all his lies and move forward on a positive note..but being that he has not back bone, he won't ever do that. I'm just pissed at all the people he's lied to and let down. And as far the person that commented that Beth got him fired..wrong....Justin caused his own downfall. And getting Beth removed from the show?...well, face facts..she's not going anywhere. Justin has screwed them over and over and over..Haven't ya "Justie?"

Asking A Question
Hi Justin! I was wondering, how are we supposed to know this is really you? So many people posts sites saying they are either you or one of the Chapmans. Is their any way you can prove it? I'm not trying to put you on the spot at all. you don't have to. I'd just really like to know. <33 ur biggest fan Krysta
Posted by Krysta

OK. I am new to all of this Justin stuff. I think he is honestly the hottest thing that has ever walked the earth. I am wondering what happened to get him off the show. I saw the episode where he had just gotten made a part of the "official team" and a couple other ones. I don't really know anything that happened and I would appreciate if someone could write me and tell me exactly what happened. Peaches_1244w@hotmail.com or supermans_supergirl_2010@yahoo.com. I am a huge fan and I'm just questioning all of that. OK. About the whole thing about whether or not this is Justin doing this site or not is questionable. Just think about how busy famous people are. Most people wouldn't make up a site about themselves. But it is possible. He might have gotten some extra time on his hands and he thought, Hey, I might do this and he did. He might not be posting anymore because of all of the disrespecting people in this world that would spread rumors and say things about people and things that they have no idea about. This is the reason that wars happen. Because people don't give a s**t about who or what they hurt. The other possibility about who did this site is some either over-obsessed bored person or someone who isn't interesting enough to do a Myspace or Xanga site about themsleves. Either way, these people could find something better to do with their lives. Do something for your community or friend or parents or significant other. You're time could be much better spent. Just think about who you are hurting when you post things like this about people -A Realitist

hey wat up!!!!!!!!!i just wanna say ur REALLY REALLY CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!and was wondering if u were ever makin album?
Posted by Vanna

hi justin just a shout out from a huge fan i really think you need to goet back on the show cuz its not worth watching without you! you are tesexiest man alive!
Posted by stacey

glad to see you on the show again
Hay Justin I'm glad your back making some app. on the show i look foward to see you do alot more in ur career. And i also give your family my prays,love, and support in everything yall are going throw. God bless yall Joanna
Posted by Joanna

Good luck Justin
Justin, good luck in life,and remember that I'am here to surport u,and family. hope u come successful. I will be looking for u on movies and hear ur music 2. ur ssooooo cute. Bye talk to u later
Posted by princess

I thought..
wow, I thought it was just his vacation, then he babysat Dog's children, then he live there for awhile, then Dog decided to put him on the show, after those things he did. & tell yah what, bra. They didn't even paid Justin, not a cent. that's bad.. well, bye talk to ya later, bra

Hi, I just wanted to say that I am a fan of yours. I think you are great on the show. You're really hot! Hope you are doing well! If you ever want to chat just send me an e-mail. Bye!
Posted by Interested

Hey Justin, wow I'm so glad I saw u on Dog the Bounty Hunter, you are really the hottest person I've ever seen In my ENTIRE LIFE!! I was wondering the reason your not on the show anymore cuz I just started watchin this year on New Years, but I luv the show and hope to see u on It again sometime. Untill then hope u are successful in everything u do!! Love Kelsey&#65007; &#65007; &#65007;
Posted by Kelsey.E

Hey Justin, wow I'm so glad I saw u on Dog the Bounty Hunter, you are really the hottest person I've ever seen In my ENTIRE LIFE!! I was wondering the reason your not on the show anymore cuz I just started watchin this year on New Years, but I luv the show and hope to see u on It again sometime. Untill then hope u are successful in everything u do!! Love Kelsey
Posted by Kelsey.E

hi justin, i love it when you are with your uncle dog and your aunt beth i just want to say hi and bye
Posted by amanda

Hey My dads cousin is A Sargent
hey its cool that my cousin is a sargewnt and that and you are cool too really really cool justin man addmy on msn as curtisnicks9@hotmail.com k Later Dogg From Curtis Dogg AkA Curt Dogg
Posted by Curtis

first off, if this is the real justin then im prayin for you and your baby girl,im really glad your still alive after that accident,it scared me when i first found out,cuz you would have missed out on your baby's life,never take anything for granted,your really lucky,and if i was you,i would appreciate my life more everyday,knowing that my life was barely spared enough of the somber crap!i hope to see you on upcoming events!i think that you need to be appreciated by beth and dog more,it seemed like you did a lot for them and didnt get much in return,but its none of my business so im gonna leave that be,i think you need somrboddy to love and appreciate you the way you need to be,and i hope you find it good luck and maybe one day we'll meet,by the way,im not some desperate lovestruck teen like some of these people on herei love you,will you marry me? i mean come on! do you really want a desperate girl that throws herself all over you! anyway,&#65007;
Posted by big red

maybe if you were more serious about the job and not always kinding around and not getting in to trouble then maybe you would still be on the show Leland is your cousin you should try to make things right with him maybe then he would be on your side bounty hunting is not all fun and games and I'm only 19 and eveb I know that your very lucky to have those guys as your family&#65007;
Posted by Katie

I loved it when you were on the Bounty Hunter, Im glad you are making a good full recovery I am a girl and like Katie said im not one of those people that throw myself all over you even though I think your hot!!!!-hot as in big time best wishes for you n your family x p.s im like v only girl in ma skool vat knows about you!lol! do you have msn?
Posted by cheekygal

just wanted t say that i watch ur show every night that it is on tc and i have always wanted to see you guys and met all of someday DOG u are good person and god bless you all and keep safe tiffany&#65007;
Posted by TIFFANY

well i'm glad that your trying to expand your career with music and acting i think its a good idea but while your doing that i adise you not to forgt your family and you humbleness because people let shit go to their head. i really hope that dosen't happen because that would be a waste. well i wish you the most of luck on whichever career path you chose and i hope everything works out in your favor. if you ever need a break or someone to tell you straight up how it is e-mail me at shady_angel_1989@yahoo.com oh yach i'm a big fan but i won't act star struck or tell you what you want to hear. i'll tell you how i see it. BYE&#65007;
Posted by ADRIANA

Get Over It
Really people who cares if it is him or if it isn't him. Its obvious whoever's site it is they don't care enought o return any of your messages. So you all sit here and tell this person how in love you are with him but yet all you know of him is what you see on a tv show. So you can't be in love with him maybe lust him for him but thats about it. Also for everyone sitting there talking about how crappy of a person he is do you really think that is getting you anywhere? He ticked you off we get it. Whoever made this site made it for the same reason you all keep coming back to it. The thought that it might really be him. If it is his site so be it but really giving out your personal info and phone numbers over the internet to a site claiming to be one person and might not be that person not very smart cause from the looks of it alot of people look at this site so if I was you I would get them number changed. Also if this is all you have to do with your life is talk trash or confess your love to a computer that doesn't return your message sounds like to me that you need to get a life. I have watched the show and only reason I found this site is I was looking for the actual real webpage to the show. It wasn't until I started reading you all making fools of your self to realize how stupid it is to even care enough about a character on a show to actually look up there sites. So I am sorry if I ticked anyone off but seriously get alife its a freaking web page that never gets responded to so leave whoever made the page alone if you don't like them and if you want to make a fool of your self claiming you know the person but yet have to give them your number then you was a fool to begin with and you know who you are!!!!!

Spelling Crap
My spelling is crap cause I have had hardly any sleep but you get what I am saying lol
Posted by GET OVER IT

just 2 let u know that i think ur gr8 and it would be nice 2 see u bak on dog the bounty hunter coz im addicted 2 it and i think wat u guys do is brilliant. i hope u get better ral soon and i cant wait 2 see u in ur own tv series, all my love, becci. XXXXXX

Oh Come ON people!!
This site is phonier than a 3 dollar bill!!!
Posted by NightHunter

i dont no if this site is really or not and i think justin is sooooooooooo fit and dose any1 no y justin isnt on the show
Posted by alisha

You are so hot!!! I love how you get that bad ass attitude, it shows who you really are!!! you should call me sometime (512) 484-0985
Posted by Raquel

OMG, Allison, girl... PLEASE don't go into web design fulltime, m'kay? Not only is this site design prehistoric, it hasn't been updated, probably ever since the day you FTP'd it up from MS WORKS or something completely retarded like that. Furthermore, based on your first post on this site taking ownership of this pathetic piece of work, and carrying on (like anyone cares) about your single motherhood, school, work, etc. its pretty clear that not only are you a WHORE who can't count to 28 and protect herself from pregnancy (crybaby - your fault 100%. no pity), you're an angry RAG who does horseshit web design! poor you, justin... get a pro., not a ho!
Posted by Cathey

I'm sorry for not responding to all of you who have so warmly responded to my family duty to be on the show (family requirement: a minimum of 5 episodes a piece - all of us kids, neices, nephews and grandkids have to do it). Your love is so great! I'm speechless! Really, I am! Now, While I always appreciate positive feedback, the truth is that I'm not really IN to strangers posting such amorous feedback & giving out phone numbers, etc. to another complete stranger over the internet. Not only is it about as STUPID as you can get in this psycho-laden world, its a HUGE turn off to me. I like safe, smart, and really pretty girls (girls who don't use the internet). Sorry to all of you if I have in some way let you down.... I know you have to understand, and above all RESPECT my honesty. I could never find any remote interest in any one of you. I'm very very happy and know that one day, each of you will emerge from your lassitude and, with all due respect, find that being a loser will never haunt any of you again. Love to all! God Bless! -J
Posted by Justin

I'm sorry for not responding to all of you who have so warmly responded to my family duty to be on the show (family requirement: a minimum of 5 episodes a piece - all of us kids, neices, nephews and grandkids have to do it). Your love is so great! I'm speechless! Really, I am! Now, While I always appreciate positive feedback, the truth is that I'm not really IN to strangers posting such amorous feedback & giving out phone numbers, etc. to another complete stranger over the internet. Not only is it about as STUPID as you can get in this psycho-laden world, its a HUGE turn off to me. I like safe, smart, and really pretty girls (girls who don't use the internet). Sorry to all of you if I have in some way let you down.... I know you have to understand, and above all RESPECT my honesty. I could never find any remote interest in any one of you. I'm very very happy and know that one day, each of you will emerge from your lassitude and, with all due respect, find that being a loser will never haunt any of you again. Love to all! God Bless! -J
Posted by Justin

hello, if dis is da real u, which is unlikely my sister fancies u well bad lol. I tink dere's a big age difference tho nd i mean huge. i think leland is fit though :P byyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Posted by N-J

Your sister does what?
Did I just read that she "fancies me well bad lol" and you think Leland is "fit"? A.) What in the hell does "fancies me well bad lol" even mean? and B.) What made you decide to post the same boring message about Leland being 'fit' for the 50th time? If you're over 8 years old, instead of trying to talk to me, why don't you re-read your posting, then step away from the computer and ask your mommy for a ride to an alternative learning center or a library, please. Pick up a book once in a while - and lets try one written by an American. The pip pip cheerio thing sounds like nails on a chalk board. Now, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about since you would have to have seen the inside of a classroom to know what a chalk board is.... so, if that's not a clear enough analogy, I have an idea - take a small square of aluminum foil (the shiny silver stuff your mommy and daddy use sometimes when cooking dinner) and pop it in your mouth. Give it a nice, long chew for a couple minutes. Feel good? Maybe now you know how irritating your comments have been for Leland and me since this board has been up. All 'pip pip bloody cheerio' aside, you definitely do not appear to be very bright... "dis" and "dat"... are you missing any fingers? Do you have a speech impediment and type phonetically instead of typing the words as displayed in the dictionary? In a way, I'm glad you made a recent posting, because I think you need to know how silly you should feel right now... regardless of how many aliases you've used, your comments on this board are like reading the same sentence over and over and over again. You should see what you've done to Leland! He is so hell bent on trying to attract something else, something that's ANYTHING besides the likes of you, that it's nothing but twinkies, ho ho's, and candybars with chocolate milk chasers. He's so eager to get you to shut up that the guy won't even exert enough energy to yank open the wrappers with his hands anymore - he uses a pair of rusty old sewing shears he found behind the toilet when he moved into his new place thanks to you... The very extreme level of UNfit that he's aiming for seems to be working, too. He's already outgrown all of his normal pants and honest to god, he's been wearing his Dads old Zubas everwhere he goes, and he cut his hair to the same effeminite style that criss angel MINDFREAK does, but since he's decided that his former impeccable personal hygeine habits screwed him over so bad, he refuses to bathe or even brush his teeth anymore... his pores emit a noxious liquid that's almost gray in color, and smells like a cross between rancid pork fat, spoiled clams and that spray stuff the Orkin man uses to kill insects and keep the roaches and vermon away. And that's not even the worst part - he's been relishing in this new carbunkle/boil infestation these days. It has taken the lions share of his face, neck, back and even hisgroin! I saw him pool together everysingle cake/bottle of soap in his place, and hasn't washed his hands in a long long time...Anything he can do to spread them further to deflect your attention he'll do - he sits there with a handful of malted milk balls in one hand, while picking and popping these sons of bitches one by one with the other. He works at this almost all day, or at least until he's convinced he has enough - um - 'material' coating his fingers and hands to sprout another cluster someplace else on his body. All of his clothes have these big, multi-layered yellowish/brownish and greenish/reddish stains on them that he refuses to launder on account of you. THANKS. I'm terrified to be in the same building with him without rubber gloves and a face mask since I already found one of these monsters buried in the crack of my ass, about 3/4ths of an inch from my anus! Now, every time I use the bathroom I've gotta deal with yanking the material free from my balls from where the pus and blood dripped and fused my underwear and skin from the last time I moved my bowels! I'm not sure if you know this or not, but it hurts like a mother when those little scrotal hairs have to get yanked out every 4-6 hours.... This, all because I unknowingly caught this strain of bacteria JUST by touching the same doorknob that Leland did 4 hours before me. You and your sister make our whole family sick - every time one of us pops a fully loaded boil, we show each other the tsp. of bloody yellow pus and curse you're weird family... So to pretty much sum things up... As for you, stop repeating yourself. Leland wanted me to tell you that he finds you repulsive and wishes you had never ever learned how to change the channel beyond your local listings... As for your sister, if she's anything like you, tell her I think she's an illiterate, creepy sounding SWEATHOG. OH, before I forget, let her know how I'd give my left nut to hear she'd fallen prey to a serial killer. To use your weird wording - I most definitely do not "fancy her well bad lol" - whatever the hell that means!!! Give it up! - J
Posted by JUSTIN

Good Luck!
Justin If This Is Really You,I Wish You The Best Of Luck In Your Up Comming Projects.
Posted by Kim Davis

long lost friends
Hey Hun its been a while since I have talked to you. Just letting you know that the entire hrnjak and feliciano family are pulling for you and wish you the best. If there is anything that I can please contact me thru email. We are all really missing you. Love you always and forever Nicole

whats happening
I found all the shows with you in really funny although you done your job just as well as the others . I was wondering what youve been up to as i looked online and after saying your on DTBH theres nothing on what your up to now if your ever in London ill buy you lunch aloah
Posted by rhianna

Why no longer on Dog The Bounty Hunter
I am just curious as to why you are no longer on the TV series with Dog and Beth. I do wish you well on whatever you choose for your career.481
Posted by Mary

is this really justin cuz if it is thats cool
Posted by demi

why ?
Why Did You Leave The Show? :(
Posted by lolly

Hope To See You back on the show soon!
Justin, hope to see you back on A&E soon! Stay Hawt..Luvs you bra! Hope all is well...Much Luv & Respect! Email me sumtime... peace!
Posted by Wally

Yo Justin man that was awesome wat u did on the episode of your initiation. And for the episode where u burnt beths dash she over reacted waaaaay to much your biggest fan-Jay
Posted by Jay

Where did u go? I was watching the show just because of u. U are really cute and hot. I love ur tatto of the guy and basketball. Do u play basketball? I do and I love because girls are meaner and we fight more so there is alot more calls. But now I just watch the show for ur cuz lealand and he is also cute. What is ur email? Mine is katie_vball04@Hotmail.com
Posted by Kathryn

glad ur back
good 2 hear ur back,and even happier2 hear uur recovering from ur accident,my love to you xx
Posted by chloe

ur a faggot ass muthafucka bitch
u is a cock sucking mofo.u and dog the pussies all u do is catch women and junkies.wheres the hardened crims u pursue.i'd fuck u and all the puppies up and beth is a fucking fat slob who needs to lose alot of weight.maybe she should hit the ice pipe and slim down.anyway u dickless shit bag i heard that car crash didnt kill u which is a shame as i hate u and that dog ass faggot.hope u lose both ur legs.
Posted by big cock

hello justin how are you
hello justin how are you i just want to ask i am a big fan of dog the bounty hunter and i am 14 years of age but i never seen you no more but when i watch the oldens and i am like where is justin i say to my self and i hate dog sometimes saying that you was of the team that time it just p***ed me off seeya oh sorry ALOHA BRA love laura higgins write back my address is 10 shelley drive rotherham england s65,2ne

hi,Justin um i never saw the last epeisode of dog the bounty hunter with you in it can you tell me why you left the programme
Posted by lizzie

Hey justin is it true that the dog caught you sniffing Beth's underpants right after he caught you making out with Lisa Chapman (AKA) BabyLisa.. I spoke with dog himself about two weeks ago.. Are you into sniffing big panties?
Posted by lonewolf

Hey its that fuck up
Man I miss watching this guy fuck up on Dog and get greased out all the time and made to look like a bitch.
Posted by Skin

justin. you are amazing. i just got done watching season one of dog the bounty hunter and then i thought about it and realized that you wernt on the show. babe, you are amazingly hott. . and your tatoos are pretty hott to. and your eyes look like the sun just came shining throught a dark cloud, whic is good.your my hero..if i could rap like you i would be richer than eminem. and if i could put up with garry and bonnie like you it would be amazing. i love you forever.even though your 27 and im...well...not. get at me braaahhh
Posted by ily justin

omg you should sooooo go back on dog bounty hunters im additicted to dat show i remeber the epsoide when leland got attacked and got sprayed in da eye dat was sad will bye
Posted by imani

dog the bounty hunter
dog the bounty hunter u r so awsome maybe when i grow up i want to be a bounty hunter maybe i can work for u one day in the funture and im am 16 years old and i have 6 brothers and 1 sister u r my fan and im your fan so halha brother because im from hawaiiand we live in colorado also and hawaii so halha brother so say i said hi love u brother.and your good friend brison whitfield jr my number is (XXX)XXX-XXXX love brother bye come and get me and tony is my cousin so halha brother and i trian your son how to surf he is really good . so halha from your fan and my fan brison good job on bounty hunting keep that bussiness going halha brother your biggest fan brison and u r my fan also tell the family i said hi and your wife and my brothers and sister names r damon,andrew,micha,gregame and last but not least myaand they said halha to your family and from your family halha love u dog and your family.your biggest fan brison so halha . love u dog bye bye

You are a FN loser,You are not famous,you are not talented,and your rap skills SUCK..I should say you have NO skills,You are a worthless peice of shit.And you look like someone beat you with a ugly stick,Over and Over.Go ahead and drink and drive again..Maybe next time you will lose more then your FN leg..Good for you!!Hey stumpy,Limpy.Peg leg.I know that you really love Talking shit about other people,Carma is a Bitch.Huh limpy..
Posted by Kat

hey justin how are you i got a question for you or dog i have a friend thats living with some one that does drugs big time and she gets used as a party favor if you know what i mean what is your advice i could give a person like that and she was told not to go to the police
Posted by shawn

I was wondering if Justin had a girlfriend or is married these days? If so she is one lucky girl.
Posted by Irene

Yeah Right
Come on guys n girls. do you really think Justin would have this tacky piece of rubbish site. people mention his agent and manager etc. Do you really believe any of those people would allow him to have a site like this. I mean surely he would have his own web address not some wierd zoomshare.com crap. So come on GET A LIFE its as real as a $12.00 bill
Posted by Nexus

True Facts about Justin Bihag
Justin is married to Emily Bihag... They have 3 childern together and have been married since 2008!!! Not sure as to why you all want to put false information out there but this is the Truth for all of you to know!!! He did get in a car accident in Hawaii in March of 2007, almost fetal. He ended up having to have his leg amputated at the end of the year after trying to save it and going through many surgeries in the process. He had a below the knee amputation and now has a prothesis. Emily at that time was his Fiance and was by his side through out it all. After getting married to her they had moved then to Arizona. They now reside back in Colorado and he is doing Great and living his life to the fullest. He was on Dog the Bounty Hunter again in 7th season! If you go to his facebook you can see all the truth and information you'd like to know, cause it's all there!He and Emily share their facebook page and have many pictures of their family on there.Look up their facebook as "JustinEmily Bihag", Justin and Eily is one word as if it was their first name. They no longer have myyspace's, ONLY a facebook and Twitter! He is now making music and very good at it! You can here it on his twitter page.I believe it's BihagOhana on Twitter, so you can look it up and follow him. YES, they are STILL married and have been, no matter what you see or read don't believe it all because people like to lie!! Hope this information clears up some of the lies and confusion to all you who have questions!

welcome back
Justin, sure glad to have seen you a tv... I was worried that you gave up... Prayers are said for you to have a wonderful life...stay healthy and safe... I hope to see u on dog the bounty hunter show some time... your FAN sherry from Virginia
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Hi Justin, I am a big fan and would love to talk to you, you text my phone 320 223 3633 and just say it is justin. Hope to talk to you later
Posted by Danielle

Just gotta tattoo on shoulder of Justin Bihag blue and black ink.. i love it :). fan foreverrr
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your awesome
I l o v e y o u t o p i e c e s . I r e a l l y m i s s u o n d o g t h e b o u n t y h u n t e r . U f a w e s o m e . U r f i t t a n d c a n t w a i t t o h e a r a l l a b o u t u r u p c u m m i n g f u t u r e ! ! ! x x x l o v e u l o t s ! ! ! !
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hi justin . ur the hottiest guys on the show ... u and leland ar so cool i love u too. tell leland i said hi
Posted by ALi

tell leland hi
hi leland and justin ur the best .. i know i am younger than u but i think u and leland rock and
Posted by alissa

Miss u off the show and was wondering do u have a twitter account so that I can follow u.
Posted by ThelmaClark

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